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Should i replace my condensor?


Going to replace my compressor in my car, but ive heard around that a failed compressor means that the condensor has to replaced too, Is this always the case?, my condensor isnt leaking but my compressor did fail.

Compressor debris will blow into the condenser. And most condensors use a parallelflow coil layout which is very hard to clean/flush so replacement is only way to start fresh. Are u using new compressor or used? Is this a home repair attempt or is a/c shop doing it?

New compressor at home . thx

How did compressor fail? Bearing failure? Clutch assy? Just won’t produce proper pressures? If debris is in system u should flush evap, change accumulator, possibly expansion valve and so on. U have ability to evac system? Check pressures?

system was overcharged but didn’t blow cold air research and opinions told me that there’s some restriction either in the Exp valve or compressor… live in south Texas so its getting hotter and hotter everyday. so the faster i do this the better lol. also replaced the expansion valve today. held a vacuum too.

I’m not even convinced that your compressor is bad. If it was overcharged it is more likely that one or both of the pressure switched or the expansion valve went bad. There is nothing inside the compressor other than 5 pistons. If one of them broke you would hear it.

If indeed the compressor is bad, I would not replace the condenser unless the inside of the compressor broke into a million pieces…very unlikely. Would you replace everything else that contains refrigerants, i.e. expansion valves, evaporator…etc?