DIY AC Flush?

I replaced an exploded AC compressor on my daughter’s 2001 Honda CRV, and also replaced the dryer and expansion valve. Should she pay a shop $200 for a professional flush and fill or should I buy DIY flush and fill kits?

You flush an AC system while it’s apart, not after it’s reassembled.


Yep, I have the new parts bolted on but not connected to the hoses yet.

First, you need one of these and the proper flushing agent which isn’t cheap. Then remove the hose aasembly and flush that. Place the flushing gun into the top port of the evaporator and flush that. Remove the condensor and lay it flat so that the inlet/outlet ports point up. and fill it with the flushing agent and let that sit for an hour. Then stand the condensor up so that the inlet/outlet ports are positioned at the bottom. Take the flush gun and flush the condensor. Then reassemble the system.