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My '93 Toyota Corolla recently had dash lights come on when I applied the brakes - after parking, gear shift placed in ‘park’, and ignition turned off. I have never noticed this before (btw, have new battery installed within past two weeks)

Is this an indicator of anything I should pay attention to? It did this about a week and now has stopped.


@Omagail yes, you do need to get it handled. Those dash lights could EVENTUALLY kill the battery. I suggest you get your hands on some wiring diagrams.

Thanks - they do not STAY on …only light up when brake is depressed. That was for only about a week and now it does not happen. Was wondering if some ‘sensor’ indicator of maybe a brake or other problem. Surely the new battery was not just over-exciting the dash board …lol

@Omagail since they don’t stay on . . . at least for now . . . I’d not lose too much sleep over it just yet.

By the way, do your brake lights work? Step on the brakes and have a friend tell you if they light up. Also check your brake fluid level.

Which dash lights? All of them?

There is a dash light that says “Brake”, or an Icon representing the brakes that comes on when you set the parking brake, that is normal. It will also come on if the brake fluid level gets too low in the master cylinder when the parking brake is released.

If this is the light you are talking about and it only comes on when you set the hand brake, then everything is normal.

If this light comes on when you step on the brake pedal, then your brake fluid is right at the minimum level. You should get a brake inspection because as the pads wear down, the calipers hold more brake fluid in order to keep the brakes “adjusted” causing the level to go down in the master cylinder and setting off this light. Your front pads may be at the minimum or very close, but you need to find a good, honest mechanic to visually inspect your brakes for you. I would suggest that you avoid any chain shops, especially any chain brake shops and use a good, local independent mechanic with a good reputation. It may seem like he charges more, but in the long run, you will save money by having it done right the first time.

After the inspection, if you are not comfortable with the diagnosis or the estimate, post back and we will let you know whether we think you are getting ripped off or if the diagnosis is reasonable and the estimate fair, and we will explain why. You should have at least a couple thousand miles left before the work becomes critical.

However, if your brake pedal starts to feel soft, travel closer to the floor or you hear a gravelly kind of sound when you touch the brakes, your out of time.

Thanks all … will get fluid levels and brakes checked. And, Shadow Fox - I think all the dash lights, ie speedometer etc etc etc.

Make sure the battery is grounded properly,had a pinto one time that had a mysterious alternator light problem and was traced back to a battery that was installed with the body ground left unconnecteKevin