2000 Ford Focus Se DOHC Instrument Panel Brake Light "ON"

A few weeks ago the dash panel brake light would light up when I made right turns. After the car finished turning and went straight forward the light would stay on for 2 or 3 seconds, then flicker and finally go off. This would happen when my foot was not touching the brake pedal. Now the brake light comes on occasionally when the car is going straight forward and sometimes when I apply the brakes.
I do not see any signs of bake fluid leakage. The brakes are working properly and show no signs of diminished effectiveness.
What could be the problem?

The brake fluid level may be slightly low. As the brake pads wear, the caliper pistons move in their cylinders and more brake fluid is needed to fill the cylinders, so the level of fluid in the reservoir drops. Check the fluid level and top it up if needed with the correct fluid from a sealed new container, and the warning light will likely disappear.

I agree, check your brake fluid level…And set and release your parking brake to be sure it’s fully released,

ABS sensor maybe?

Yep, brake fluid is low. The fluid moves around with motion and activates the light. As brake pads wear more fluid is used to fill the brake cylinders/calipers so it can get low with no leaks. It is an indication though that your pads may be nearing the replacement point.

Before freaking out about a serious brake problem, is this the same light that indicates whether your parking brake is set? If so, try holding the handbrake lever down with your hand the next time the light comes on and see if it goes out. It’s likely the switch is just out of adjustment or the lever isn’t all the way up.