2004 Jaguar XJ8 sudden unintended acceleration

2004 XJ8… sudden intended acceleration…happened twice. afraid to drive

I would hope the intended acceleration happened every time.
Isn’t that why you push on the throttle?


Of course he means UN-intended accel. I would immediately take this to the dealer, report it to NHSTA and carefully read my State’s lemon laws. This is nothing to play around with.

It’s a 16 year old car, a little past lemon law.

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Spent the day how to rectify/ live with.

Flash ecu

Put in neutral when slowing down for stopping
When putting in drive. Or reverse …foot on brake. Off accelerator pedal

Any other thoughts?

I was fooled by the 2021 in the heading.

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Yes , I have thoughts. You should always have you foot on the brake pedal when changing from drive to reverse or reverse to drive. What are you going to do if someone has to drive your vehicle and they don’t shift to neutral when getting ready to stop ?

Don’t try work around things to what may be a serious problem . Talk to a shop and see if they might have some idea of what to check.

How long have you had this vehicle ?

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Are there any floor mats?

Just HOW did you flash the ECU?? And what tools do you own that can identify the cause?

I’d strongly suggest you take it someplace that can actually diagnose and repair the problem rather than just trying to live with it. You won’t live long that way.

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Maybe the problem is caused by a sticking throttle plate and it would be a good idea to clean the throttle body or there is an idle air valve problem. These would be considered normal maintenance or wear issues.

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