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LEXUS and IS350

HI: I purchased an IS 350. In the past 6 months the car has accelerated twice. First time Service manager said that it was because my husband had big feet. The floor mats were tied down.It happened a second time when I was driving (much smaller feet).I documented both of these incidents to Lexus in writing (well before the current publicity) Lexus took the car in and “went over it thoroughly” said they couldn’t find anything. They are unwilling to hurry up accelerator fix that is in the pipeline. They are unwilling to pay for the rental car any longer. They ARE willing to put me back in the car that has accelerated twice. I’m scared and getting angry. Any suggestions

Would you give us a description of exactly what happened when you were driving?

As to what you can do, you can elevate it past your dealer to Lexus (there should be a contact number/address in one of your manuals). Meanwhile, you should practice putting it in neutral, so that you don’t need to fear driving it.

keep hounding them!just remember,if you drive this car and it takes off and you can’t stop it!just turn the key off or put it in neutral and let it blowup.then take it to them and say now fixit?

Car probably doesn’t have a key. With the computer controls, the engine won’t blow up from over-revving if shifted into neutral.

With the car parked, and the engine OFF, practice PUSHING the gear shift lever to N. Practice WITHOUT looking at the gear shift lever; so, that if you need to, during unintended acceleration, you can do it without fumbling around and losing precious reaction time.
When you put the gear shift into N, during an unintended acceleration, the engine rpm will go really high. Don’t worry about the high revving engine, it has a limiter, and won’t be hurt. SAFELY pull over to the side of the road, and turn the engine off. Call a tow truck.

And if you turn it off, the steering wheel is likely to lock. As if you don’t have enough troubles with unintended acceleration when it occurs.