2004 Infiniti G35 - Underguard bolts

It appears the bolts have shaken loose from under front bumper guard protecting the radiator. What is that called and where can I find a new one

You talking about those stupid little plastic clips that look like bolts, that break all the time and drive a lot of us nuts? :wink:

They’re plastic push rivets.


Thank you for the information. Do you know where I can buy some as some fell off.

Thank you,

Any parts store should have them and of course the dealer .

Plastic push rivets are often available at auto parts stores. I bought them at a chain auto parts store for the interior of two cars. They might have the ones you are looking for. Check online for them.

If you can locate one on the car that’s not broken, you should remove it carefully and take it into the car parts store with you. They often have a center button you pull out maybe 1/4 inch, and then the whole thing comes out.