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2004 Impreza wierd electrical problem


I have a 2004 impreza with about 165k on it.

My radio/clock/charger started to go dead a few weeks ago but would come on after running the car for about 30 mins, thought it was the cold weather we have been having up here.

A few days ago my wipers stopped working. I turned them on and it shut off the radio and wipers for good, they have not come on after that.

Please help if you can! Many thanks!

The only component that can effect these circuits according to the factory service manual is the ignition switch.


Replacing the ignition switch is worth a try then?

Type “Subaru Ignition Switch Problems” in your search engine.

And you tell me?


One experiment easy enough to try, drive the car with just a single key in the ignition, rather than a key chain w/stuff dangling on it. If that improves the situation, or even if it just causes a different electrical problem, that would be consistent with a the problematic ignition switch theory.

Accept for the charger, the items you mentioned are supplied power through the ACC contacts of the ignition switch. Those contacts may be failing. Check the power on fuses 4,9,14, and 15 in the dash panel while the ignition is in the ON position. You should have 12 volts on those fuses. If not then check the ignition switch and the wire connection to it for a problem.