Delayed windshield wiper and radio function on 1993 Subaru Legacy

On my 1993 Subaru Legacy wagon, when the ignition switch is turned on to engage the starter, normally the power to the windshield wipers and radio is cut off until the key is released. What is happening is the power to the wipers and radio is occasionally delayed by a couple of seconds up to maybe a minute or two. This is happening sporadically, maybe once every other day or so, unpredictable. Any ideas as to what is going on?

I believe the wipers and radio are tied to the ACC contacts of the ignition switch, which is separate from the IGN contacts. The ACC contacts may be dirty and not making good contact. Cleaning the switch contacts may solve the problem. The key lock mechanism is not the switch itself. The switch is near the steering column.

ditto ; ignition SWITCH, Relda.
Not the key cylinder portion but behind that is the electrical switch that you turn with that key.
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