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2004 Impala noise - front wheel area

The noise seems to be from the rotor or brakes, but the tech says the brakes and rotor appear good. The rotor may be warped. Also, it could be the hub may need replaced. Is it acceptable to replace only the one, or should the 2 front rotors (or hubs) be replaced at the same time? Could the noise be from u-joint or struts?

Even if I don’t ever respond (I almost don’t ever respond), you need to rephrase your question so that the people on this site that might actually know what is going on with your car so that they can make an informed opinion.

Describe the noise. Tell us when the noise occurs. Your question suggests that it occurs during braking. U-joints would vibrate during acceleration, but not ever during braking, if they were damaged. Damaged or worn or broken struts would get noticed when you run over pot holes and bumps and dips in the road.

As the wheel turns (forwards or backwards) the chirp seems to be in one place. It happens only when going straight, not when turning. It is at slow and high speeds, although at high speeds it sounds constant not intermitant.