Front brakes on 04 impala

I have a 04 impala with 31— miles & the front brakes appeared to be warped (pulsating). I put new rotors & pads on & now I am still feeling a slight pulsation when the brakes are applies, it is worse at higher speeds. I have double checked that everything is tight. Also I wondered about the calipers going bad but the old pads were worn evenly.

Has anyone had this problem or suggestions?

New rotors and pads? The first thing to check is make sure the hub flange is clean of rust where the rotor hat mounts. Next, make the lug nuts are torqued to specs. And finally, make sure the hub bearings aren’t worn out.


Hopefully you bought some quality rotors. the cheap one’s will give you that pulsating. check front end and make sure tie rod ends and ball joints have no play.I agree with Tester torgue them down to specs.