The wife's '07 Chevy Impala's wheel is making a funny noise - and i already replaced the bearing?

Hello folks. I wonder if you could assist me.

The wife’s '07 Chevy Impala’s wheel is making a funny noise - sort of a “whoop whoop whoop” out of the front passenger side wheel as the car gets up to speed. there is vibration in the steering wheel also. When coming off a local highway down a hill, she had to hit the brakes semi-hard and there was a great vibration from the brakes.

I have already rotated the tires in case it was a tire/wheel issue, and took to mechanic to replace the bearing - and it seems to have gotten worse. The mechanic said the back bearing looked good but he still wanted to replace… which wont happen. recently had a control arm replaced by same mechanic in front but dont remember which side.

if any more info is needed, please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance.


If the wheel is vibrating when the brakes are pressed, the rotors are warped. The whoosh whoosh could be the brake pads rubbing on the high spots of the rotor.

It is most likely to be a broken belt or a tread separation in a tire. If you jack up each wheel and rotate them, you will see a wobble or bounce in the tread design as the blemish goes by.

@MGMcAnick a broken belt will not cause pulsations in the brake pedal.

@db4690 he didn’t say that there was a pulsation in the brake pedal. He said “there was a great vibration from the brakes”.
Since he has the Whoop whoop whoop noise, I still think he needs to look at the tires.

great vibration from brakes = rotors/drums warped

great vibration from brakes = pedal pulsating if rotors are warped

great vibration from brakes = your butt is vibrating if the rear drums are out of round

These are generalizations, but you guys get the picture

Maybe the car has more than one problem. A control arm was replaced so one has to wonder if one went bad then the other may not be far behind it. Any looseness in any control arm or suspension component could cause a vibration in the brakes and the OP also states there is a vibration as the car gets up to speed.

Other than a loose suspension component, bad tire, sticking brake caliper slide, or even an alignment issue, maybe there’s a problem with a CV shaft that is either worn or not properly installed if the replaced control arm was on that side.