2004 honda odyssey coolant leak

The coolant is leaking from the gasket that is on the front of the engine. My repair guy suggested that I also do the timing belt at the same time for a total of $1500. Do I have any other options? The Honda has 217,000 miles on it. Thanks!

Replace the gasket and fix the leak. You need to realize the engine in your Honda is an interference engine. This means if your timing belts breaks the motor will lock up suddenly because the pistons slam into the valves. The internal damage to the motor is significant and will mean you either junk the car, or come up with about $3000-4000 for a new or used motor. With that mileage you should be on your third timing belt by now. So, if the timing belt has never been changed the risk of it breaking is high.

I agree with Turbo. I replaced mine at 100K because of the possibility of catastrophic failure. $1500 every 200K is not too much to ask :slight_smile: I’m over 200K now on my 2000 Odyssey but I won’t replace again only because my van is so awesome, I’m never going to replace it unless something bad happens. So the timing belt is my way of forcing me to buy another, new odyssey… eventually :slight_smile:

“The coolant is leaking from the gasket that is on the front of the engine”

This is not clear enough . . .

It could be the head gasket

It could also be the water pump gasket, I suppose

Personally, I think OP may have meant the head gasket, but it could be interpreted differently


More than likely the coolant leak is either from the water pump gasket, or from the water pump shaft seal and coolant is leaking out of the weep hole.

So, a complete timing belt replacement kit should be installed. Because the water pump is driven by the timing belt.


The coolant leak, whatever the source, has to be fixed. The only issue is the timing belt. So OP, how many months ago and now many miles ago was the timing belt last replaced?