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Honda Odyssey Coolant leak and huge repair estimate?

My Honda Odyssey has only 78,000 miles and suddenly yesterday the coolant starting leaking in the garage. When I towed and took the car to the dealer, he called me and said there is some crack in the front engine and total cost of all repairs will be 5000+. I maintain the car with the same dealer and had changed the timing belt 3 months back. All was perfect and suddenly how can this happen?
What should I do now?

Try for a second opinion somewhere else.

Please, What Is The Model-Year Of This Vehicle, ?

My vote is to get another opinion based on the fact that a timing belt job was done recently. That at least raises the prospect of a water pump issue or engine block issue due to the timing belt and/or water pump if that was changed also.

Its a business transaction and with any business transaction, get several opinions and estimates.

Some crack in the front engine is not a diagnosis that tells us anything and if that is what the dealer service writer said, you need to go someplace where English is their primary language.

Doesn’t sound like “crack in the front engine” , more like a water pump/gasket problem, fess up dealer!!!, honesty is the best policy, tell dealer to fix it or else, tell good news travels fast ,bad news travels even faster !!!

This thread has been inactive for 6 months for crying out loud!

“This thread has been inactive for 6 months for crying out loud!”


But, in retrospect, I have to ask…
If the OP’s problem is a “crack in the front engine”, do Honda Odysseys come equipped with two engines?

If so, he should just use the rear engine, and shouldn’t start that damaged front engine.
Problem solved!


Sounds like a crackpot dealer to me…

If I don’t hear an update from Jayant I’m going to be inclined to assume that he/she has long since moved on.

Johndeb22, sincere welcome to our group, but we try not to resurrect long dead threads. It clogs up the works. :smile:

I have heard of honda’s doing this - crack in the aluminum block, and never a recall