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2004 GMC Envoy Digital Climate Control

The digital climate control has been displaying the wrong outside temperature. No matter what the outside temperatur is (yesterday the outside temp was 70 degrees) the display showed 50 degrees. This disables the air conditioning. After driving, the displayed temperature does not change. We had the whole control replaced and the problem still exists. Anyone had the smae issue.

Something for you to have a mechanic check (well really he should check for TSB’s with any potential to be related to your concern) TSB #04-08-45-010 describes a condition where various systems are inoperative (including climate control) due to a loose ground (#201)at the “right front console area” There are a good number of TSB’s that should be eliminated in regards to being potentialy related to your concern.

What test was done to eliminate the sensor as the problem? everything reported to the climate control head can be read on a Tech II scanner so this should not have turned into a “parts replacement as a diagnostic tool” job. Why were you charged for the part if it did not fix the concern?

I thought you were a big proponent of “stubbing in” known good parts for diagnostic purposes?

I still am, but it is not the first choice when you most likely can easily solve this problem with a look through the Tech II.If you continue with your training you will find you need to load your box with more than one tool.

If your Tech II data does not give you the answer (heavans fordib) you may have to stub in a part, but if stubbing in does not fix it, take the part out,most of all don’t leave the part in and charge the customer.

Did you get it fixed?

Welcome to Car Talk.The odds are high that the OP has gotten rid of the vehicle and won’t be back. Your best bet is to start your own thread, giving year, make, and model of your vehicle, whether it has automatic climate control or not, and what the symptoms are.