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98 Buick LeSabre Possible Climate Control Problem


I have a 98 Buick LeSabre Limited with digital climate control. The problem I have is that no mater what temperature setting I select I do not get any heat I only get cold (air conditioned) air. In fact when the blower comes on I can hear the compressor kick in. I also noticed that the airflow through in dash vents seems weak or low even though the blower fan sounds like it is at high speed.

Is this possibly a problem with the digital control in the dash? While searching on Google I saw a statement about possibility of the system needing “calibration”.

I replaced the blower control module about 6 months ago when the blower would not shut off. The digital climate control (in dash unit) was rebuilt about 3 years ago when the display went dim.

Thanks for any help.

Dennis B

From what you say it does sound like there is a problem with the climate control system and the vent doors.

Any suggestions how I troubleshoot or isolate the problem? I spoke to a local technician that repairs the digital control / display in the dash and he said the dash unit would not cause the problem I’m experiencing.


I’d say you need to take the car to a shop for repair. The heater controls send electric signals to solenoids and valves that open/close air vents and coolant flow to the heater core. Not an easy DIY fix.