Climate Control


Having a problem with the Climate Control on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer-- Outside Temp semsor seems stuck at 50 degrees at times–Temp will also go down for no reason-- Eventually the A/C will blow cold air, even though the outside temp sensor is incorrect-- Help


These automatic climate controls do depend on outside temperature to know when to allow the vent and recirc to work properly at the very least. Also when to turn on the AC compressor.

You need to fix this outside sensor in order to restore your automatic climate control.


Your Trailblazer has sensors that play important roles for the climate control system. One of the sensors is located inside car near the center of the dash just behind the windshield. This is a solar sensor that measures solar radiation. The sensor that measures the outside temperature is located behind the grille.

It is very important for nothing to be covering either of these sensors fror the climate control to work properly. I’ve seen mud caked on the sensor behind the grille to cause it to read improperly. I suggest you check it and also if you use your dashboard as your in car filing system, move the junk off that sensor.


replaced outside temperature senson-- did the trick ! Thanx-- Ned