2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - How much for a headliner?

How much for a headliner on a truck.

Only an auto interior shop can answer that since your location is unknown and prices are not the same every where . Google is your friend .

Put (vehicle headliner repair ) in your search engine .

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Google says $380 for materials and $240 for labor for a typical SUV, about $620 total. Could be more or less depending on your local economy but that’ll get you in the ballpark.

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Drooping headliners are really annoying. I solved that problem on my Corolla by pinning it to the base-board in a dense enough pattern it stays up. But an actual solution would be visibly better. I would have guessed about $900 parts and labor for a 4-door sedan, so a little less than than for a 2-door pickup. The cost may increase depending on what has to be removed to do the job. If it requires removing the rear window, that’s gonna add to the fee.

I paid a little less than $400 for my full size SUV to be recovered… But upholstery shop competition is pretty strong in my area so it keeps prices down. A factory replacement for my truck would cost $750 just for the part IF you could find one… So $400 was a bargain.

I’ve never hired anyone. The upholstery guy said he guarantees them to the first stop. I bought matching headliner on line and also from a wholesale supplier in St. Paul for the el came on. Paid around $100.