2004 Ford Explorer A Bump When Backing Up

I have owned this explorer since new. It is an XLT 4 wheel drive always driven in “automatic” position. When I back up out of a parking place there is (sometimes) a noticeable momentary restriction on the right side as if I had run over something. There is no noise accompanying this. I have to be turning while backing up for this to occur. It sort of feels like the right front brake is somehow activated. Condition does not occur when backing straight. I have had the car to two different Ford dealers and they say they can find nothing wrong.

Is your 4WD engaged? You should never use 4WD on anything other than dirt or snow.

Sounds like you are binding up your front U-joints on one side or another…thats where the turning part comes into play… Try not to have the wheel cut hard during power application if you can avoid it…that is when the U-joints are under the most possible stress


Honda Blackbird - There is a problem with this vehicle. You should not get this condition under any circumstances.

warhow - Find a good independent garage and take the vehicle there.

I went to the Ford parts counter and the guy behind the counter asked the guy in the back, “Hey, have we got this part for the Exploder?”

Then he looked at me like, Oops!