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2004 Explorer Popping noise

Hello everyone, my explorer is making this popping/ cranking noise when I back up and I give it a little too much gas. It will also do this in drive and also when i’m driving and I get back on the gas pedal it will jerk. Any ideas? I really don’t want to take it too ford…

4WD or 2WD?
Automatic or manual tranny?
How many miles?

Offhand, it sounds like you have worn out parts in the powertrain or chassis, such as bushings etc. that are causing excessive slop in the drivetrain. But that’s a totally wild guess. Perhaps if you got under the vehicle (CAREFULLY), looked closely with a good work light, and shook a few things, you could locate the source of the slop.

Sounds Like a broken motor mount and the engine is shifting. That’s why the gas pedal is jerking when it does it.

Popping and cracking noises while pulling out or backing up are usually wheel and drive train related. Possibilities are : U-joints, wheel bearings, worn or broken brake parts, CV-joints, motor and transmission mounts usually. A stop at an independent shop should only take a few minutes for them to check. Noises at times can be hard to locate and other times very obvious.

Assuming this vehicle has rear wheel drive, and the noise is coming from mid- to rear- car, my first suspect would be a failing u-joint in the driveshaft.

Why take it to Ford? It’s 10 years old. Find a decent independent mechanic and stay away from chain shops, like Midas or Firestone. Ask family, friends, and co-workers if they know a good shop.