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2004 Ford Expedition - broken driver seat suspension

I have a 2004 Ford Expedition with a power driver side seat. Today, I got in the car and sat down. The seat sunk down unexpectedly by about 3 inches. When I push on the seat, it sinks down then pops up. It seems as if some type of bracket or spring broke. Anyone with any ideas?


I think it might be the small transmission that the seat may have in the bottom to move the seat up and down has failed.

Wow. That doesn’t sound good. Do you know if that’s something that can be fixed at home or am I heading to the dealership?

If you can take it t an independent mechanic, he can probably tell you where to get the part. Where I live, that part is only at the dealership and it would cost an arm and a leg.

Take it to a welder,those guys can fix anything and never buy any parts.