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2004 F-150 stalls in reverse and low RPM-HELP!

I have a 2004 F-150 crewcab, 4.6L with 118,000. I don’t drive the truck often but for the past few months its stalls and cuts off, and idles poorly in reverse. I have also experienced the truck cutting off at low RPM’s, low speeds, and after going over some bumps. At one point the engine light came on but now it is off and I am still having the issues. . . . not sure what code it would display.
I have been reading articles and blogs and most say the TPS, MAF, or IAC is the problem.
Has anyone experienced this issue or fixed this problem?

You need to have your codes read and post them here. Not the description, but the actual code (P0300, P0507, etc.)
It sounds like you might have a problem with the idle air control valve (not uncommon on Fords)
You might also try cleaning the throttle body.
Have someone check your fuel pressure.
Have you replaced your plugs yet?
Is your fuel filter up to date?

The plugs were changed @ 90,000 and the filter is up to date. I will clean the throttle body and the IAC tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for the help