2004 Durango with intermittent idle problem

Please help! I have a 2004 Durango 5.7 liter hemi that is having (has always had) intermittent idle problems. My parents were the original owners, and from the beginning the car would die when you slow down to a stop. This doesn’t happen every time you slow down, but probably 1-3 times per day. It doesn’t seem to be temperature related, as it happens all year and when the car is warm or cold. My parents had it in to the dealership numerous times and they couldn’t figure it out. My husband has changed plugs and wires, used a variety of injector cleaners and there is no engine light and no fault codes. This is so frustrating! I might drive around all day with no problem then slow down/stop at a light to have it die. Suggestions please!

It may be an intermittent electrical problem, like a broken wire that sometimes makes contact and sometimes doesn’t. Those can be extremely difficult to trace.

Has anyone looked at the Idle Air Control? That’s fairly obvious, so I assume the dealer would checked it. Could also be an intermittent problem with the coolant temp sensor.

I’m shooting in the dark but start with the basics check all the vac. lines see if anything is cut or pinched also see if the ideal air control valve is working see if a piece of dirt has hanging it up from doing its job. one last thing is it stalling out after a long drive at highway speeds, jjust wondering if the torque converter lock up is working like it should? our there any codes in the system they won’t always turn on the c.e.l.or our there any t.s.b. on your truck?