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2004 Dodge Durango CD Player

My wife?s 2004 Durango was in an accident and the dealer had to replace an airbag connector in the steering wheel. When we got the vehicle back, the dealer handed her 2 CDs and a metal disk that was between the CDs. He said when they turned on the vehicle the player spit out the CDs. Obviously the CD player no longer works and the Dealer says that it was just time for the player to break and won’t repair the player. The Radio/CD player has a 6 CD changer, Sirius, and is connected to the factory DVD system. Could anything the Dealer did cause this problem? I have read that disconnecting the battery can cause issues, and I have a hard time believing that two CDs could spit out without someone yanking them out (and the spindle spacer between them).

The dealer probably broke the player when he took it apart looking for your hidden cocaine stash.