2004 Dodge Dakota Axle repair?

This morning my husband lost control of my 2004 Dodge Dakota truck on ice and ran it into the ditch, subsequently hitting a culvert with the front end/undercarriage of the truck. He was able to get the truck out of the ditch with no sounds of engine trouble. While trying to turn the truck the steering wheel seized up and wouldn’t go past a certain point without a ton of force. I am trying to figure out how to post pictures but no luck yet. Any ideas at all with that little of information?

Also, the truck moves forward and backwards without any noise from the axle but when you try to turn it goes fine up until a certain point in both directions.

Here is the first picture

Bent it way back towards the axle

You have (obviously) major front end damage. Do not attempt to drive it. Get it towed to your mechanic’s.

Yeah that’s the plan at some point, thanks!

On the Dakota, is the front cradle bolt on, or is part of the frame itself?

I’m not exactly sure of your question (I am not a huge car person) but the backwards C shaped bracket appears to be bolted to the truck frame.

The stabilizer bar bracket is minor compared to the bent frame.

Totally off the top, any estimation of price with such little information and bad pictures?

No one can give an estimate with actually seeing the damage first hand. Anyone who would do so by pictures good or bad would be taking meaning less guesses.

Good to know! Thanks for all of your input! However I really do wish it were an easy fix!

Do any of you regulars know if the cradle is bolt-on or part of the frame?

If it’s bolt on, it clearly should be replaced

If not, I think it’s going to get ugly and expensive

I see a lot of rust in the picture . . .

The cross member under the engine is part of the frame.

In the southwest those trucks are $3,000 to $5,000, quad cabs a little more. That would be the easy fix.