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Bent front end frame

My truck was in a wreck. I hit a bridge head on. My front end frame was bent a bit but seems to drive ok straight down the highway and does not sway to the left or right. Holds the lane pretty well. The steering turn is ok to the right but does not have the full angle of turn to the left and my steering wheel /column got rotated about 160 degrees to the left. Can’t really afford a new truck. Should I even try and get it fixed.

1997 Dodge 1500 club cab 250k miles, engine is fine.

How do you know it’s the frame that’s bent and not just the steering gear?

I would want the frame checked by a good frame shop.

my insurance company came by and listed my truck as a total lost and said the frame was bent. However I can drive down the highway with no problem. It is just when I turn sharp where I have the problem. No place in Dallas will just look at part or the truck and I am not paying for the whole truck to get fixed.

I did have a frame shop look at it and he said it would probably cost more then the truck is worth to get it fixed. Also said the whole front end would have to come off to fix the frame and then would have to replace the front end with different parts. Oh well, I guess I will have to look for a new truck.

Yeah, besides being bent there could be things that were damaged in the wreck, work now, but will fail at the worst possible time sometime in the future. You either need to fix it or replace it.