2004 CR-V won't run

My CR-V stalled out the other day 3 times. Then would not stay running. Now won’t run at all. We have changed the Camshaft position sensors, spark plugs and air flow control valve. It has fuel pressure, spark, compression tests good and timing chains good. Running out of things to check. Any suggestions?

Has anyone checked for stored codes? Would have been easier to do when you could still start it and drive to an auto parts chain store for a free code reading.

jesmed1’s advise is good. Rather than replacing random parts, first do a diagnostic check. After you find the root cause, then begin replacing the necessary parts.

With this much difficulty you’d think there’d be a diagnostic code or two stored. I agree w/the posters above, that’s the first place to look. After that, with these symptoms and a good spark verified I usually first suspect a mixture problem. That could be caused by the fuel pump, the fuel pressure regulator, the air filter, the airflow sensor (either MAP or MAF), leaks allowing unmetered air into the intake manifold (cracks in rubber boots, vacuum lines, problems with the EGR, PCV systems), and O2 sensor.

An exhaust system problem is also possible. When it is idling (as best it can), what is the intake manifold vacuum reading? If you put your hand over the exhaust pipe, is there a steady “put put put” or is it uneven? If you hold a dollar bill over the exhaust pipe, does it ever move toward the pipe?

Crankshaft position sensor?


Fuel pressure is good. Ignition is next. Coil or coils? Ignition module? Aren’t Hondas known for funky distributors?