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2004 CR-V with possible hot start problem

Hey all,

During a hard acceleration to get on the freeway, the car “missed” and the check engine light came on. The shop said it was the fuel pump and replaced it. When I picked it up, they told me that I may need a new battery soon because the last start they did was hard. It worked well for me, but that day it was hard to start, but it did not seem like the battery. The shop checked the electrical system and all was good. They said the new fuel pump was faulty and replaced it. Since then, when it is over 70 degrees out (South Texas), and it is a hot start (I just drove it a while, turned it off, and try to restart within 30 minutes), it is hard to start. Could this be another faulty fuel pump? Is this some other problem? Could the shop have damaged something during the fuel pump replacement?

Oh, before the car missed and the check engine light came on, starts were just fine.

You need to have the fuel pressure and spark output checked when it’s acting up.

It could be a fuel pump relay, ignition module ‘igniter’ or crank/cam position sensor.

Thanks! Right now the problem is getting it to act up for the mechanic. I guess one or more of those three problems you listed could happen intermittently?

A little bit more info. It has a 2.4 L engine, 2WD, and 146,000 miles. Other than the recent fuel pump replacement, I have also had to replace the VTEC oil pressure switch, O2 sensor, A/C control head and relay, and compressor x 2. Oh, at the time of the fuel pump replacement the shop said they found low oil pressure, dropped the oil pan and cleaned it.

fuel pressure regulator? have a buddy turn the car to on (without starting it) while you listen. you should be able to hear the fuel pressure build for about 2 seconds if it’s working correctly. you can listen directly into the tank (at the gas cap) too there’s another sending unit (pump) in the tank i think. check the lines simply by pinching them. they should refill and pressurize fairly quickly. it’s not a very accurate test, but less expensive than taking it to a shop. pull a wire and test for spark at the plug too. does it look oily or wet or corroded?