2004 Chrysler T+C is wheezing at me when it is cold!

Hi! Newbie here. Did some searching, but couldn’t find anything on this topic, so if I missed it please send me in the right direction.

I have a 2004 Chrysler T+C MiniVan with 67000 miles on it. It is wheezing at me!

Here is what it does. When it is cold (especially overnight) I start it up and it starts fine. However, when I am in drive and I stop at a stop sign, etc… it makes a high pitched wheezing sound and my foot vibrates on the brake. If I turn the wheel slightly in any direction the wheezing sound becomes more pronounced! When I lift off the brake and continue forward the wheezing sound gets quiter but is still there.

After about 20 minutes once the car is warm the sound goes away completely no matter what I am doing - it just isn’t there any more!

Weirdness! Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Disconnect the hose that goes to the power brake booster. Plug the end of the hose that goes to the engine. Start the engine and press the brake. Is the sound still there? Turn the steering wheel right and left. Does the sound vary as the wheel is being turned?