Honking noise

When I start my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan I sometimes hear a very faint honking noise - more likely to hear it when the weather is cold. Today for the first time I noticed a whining noise while the car was running - didn’t last long, and again, it is cold here today (27 degrees) Does anyone know what this could be - also should I be in extreme panic, moderate panic, mild panic, or no panic at all about how fast to get this fixed? Thank you.

My guess is that the honking noise that you hear is something acutated by vacuum control. My 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass which I still own and drive occasionally makes this noise just after I start it in cold weather (below 30 degrees). I traced it down to the choke pull-off. You don’t have a carburetor or choke on your 2005 Dodge, but something controlled by engine vacuum (heater controls?) may make this noise. I don’t think this is a panic issue. I’ve had transmissions that whine slightly when the car is cold. As long as you’ve kept your Dodge serviced and the fluid levels are maintained, you are probably o.k.

Thank you triedaq. I plan on checking the fluid levels of everything before we drive today. I am due for an oil change in about 100 miles, and the van was just in to have brakes replaced last Nov, and our mechanic is really good about checking out other stuff while the van is in his shop. I am glad to hear that panic is not necessary!