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Minivan won't go, then makes a popping noise and drives okay

I started my 2005 Chrysler Town & Country and put in reverse, but it didn’t go . Felt like the parking brake was on. THen i switched to drive, and it didn’t go. I put it back in reverse and gave i a little gas, and I heard this loud popping/snapping noise, and then it went. I took it to my local repair shop and and they couldn’t find anything wrong, no code problems, no check engine light. Any ideas what this is, and is this still safe to drive?

Do you use the parking brake? And was it on when you started the car? It is possible that it was the parking brake stuck on & the pop was it suddenly letting go. This would be more common in wet winter weather when they have a tendency to freeze, but rust can lock them up.

When the van wouldn’t go did the engine rev up really high as if you were in neutral? Or did it seem more to sort of bog down & strain at trying to rev up - as if you were trying to go with the brake on?

yes, I do use the parking brake. it was on when i started and I released it. But that makes sense about it being stuck. It did feel like it was straining, as if I was trying to go with the brake on.

Do you know whether the repair shop inspected the rear brakes? Its probably a good idea to just have them do so - especially the entire parking brake mechanism & cable.

okay thank you! I am taking it to a different place on Friday. The place i went to first is close to my house, but I don’t know what I think about them. for example, They were working on my car and my husband’s and they were supposed to give me an oil change, but instead they changed the oil on the wrong car. they just changed his oil not too long ago. I am going to ask the new place about the brakes and parking brake especially.thanks again for your help!