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2004 Chrysler Sebring A/C Issue

I have a 2004 Sebring. The A/C had been working intermittently, now not at all. When it was working, if I went over a big bump or hit a pothole, it would stop blowing cold. Now it will not blow cold through the dash vents, but the defroster still blows cold so I believe there is enough coolant. The mechanic has discouraged me from investigating saying it will be very expensive to take the car apart to diagnose. Any ideas? It’s really hot in Chicago.

I’m no late model Chrysler guy but defaulting to the defroster could be due to a faulty mode actuator. The actuator is controlled by the Body Control Module I think and odds are the actuator is bad rather than the BCM.

This should not be that difficult to sort out so maybe a visit with a Chrysler dealer or someone who specializes in that model should get you a definite answer about the cause.
It sounds like the current guy is unsure of the cause and is discouraging you because he doesn’t want to venture into the unknown.