A/C vents

My air conditioning no longer blows through the vents. It blows cold air on the floor and windshield, but it stopped blowing through the vents-having never turned the selector dial. I just got in one day and it’s not working properly. This happened once before, but the next time I got in the car, it had corrected itself (again-without me touching the controls at all). But now I’ve been through a week of driving and it won’t switch back. Please help! It’s HOT here on the Gulf coast!

We might be able to help if you specified the year of manufacture and the engine configuration and size.

This seems to be a pretty common complaint in newer cars. In older cars the venting doors under the dash were operated by cables connected to the heater and AC control lever. As long as your arm worked good enough to move the lever, it seldom malfunctioned. But in new cars the door control is often done with a coterie of under-dash motors, either vacuum powered motors, or electrical powered stepper motors. The advantage is less effort on your arm. The disadvantage is they are more repair prone. It’s a compromise. If the OP will post the make/model/year, as mentioned by @Researcher, folks here may be able to make a specific recommendation.

The door in the heater box is not opening. So either the motor itself is bad or the vacuum or wiring is bad. If its vacuum operated, make sure the supply line from the engine is ok. I had a line fall down on a heat source and burn a hole in the line. Otherwise you need to get under the dash and start some disassembly.

The car make and model was noted but not the year, engine, and mileage. Don’t know that that really matters.

So sorry guys. It’s a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Touring Convertible w/V6

A quick Google search shows it appears to be done w/vacuum motors on your car. Likely either a vacuum motor is dirty, corroded and stuck or the vacuum power source is leaking vacuum. Take a look at this link below for some diagnostic and repair ideas. Best of luck.