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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Noise louder at higher speeds

I have a 2004 Pt. cruiser. I have a rubbing sound that gets louder the faster I go. It is not the brakes(already ruled out). I was thinking drivetrain, but do not have one, weird car.

Might be something caught in one of the drive axles.
Or do you have new tires that are larger than stock size?

The tires are brand new and the correct size. We have been having issues with the cooling system leaking. There is nothing caught in the drive axles.

The wheel bearings may be noisy/failing, have a mechanic drive the vehicle and listen to the noise.

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There are a set of storage building near my shop. If I roll all the windows down and drive between the buildings…I can usually hear which wheel thew noise is coming from.

Try that and then you can pull that tire and inspect everything. It could be a “Brake Backing plate” rubbing on the rotor. It could be a “brake shim” (anti rattle shim). I don’t have shims on my 02, but the 04 may have shims???

It could also be a bad wheel bearing.


Had 3 PTs in the family, all needed a left front wheel bearing before 70,000 miles.