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Noise Front Passenger Wheel

I rotated the tires (right to left)and no change, and dealer just replaced wheel hub. Sound almost went away after wheel hub replaced, but then it came back in a day or so. Mainly between 15-20 mph, it sounds like wup-wup-wup-wup (faster with speed). Does not change when I apply brakes or turn. Chrysler dealer does not have enough experience with this car, which is really an older model Mercedes SLK. Could this be an axle, dust shield or something with the disk brake rotor?

When you moved the front wheels to opposite sides, did the noise follow?

No, it stayed the same. (I actually had to argue with the dealer about rotating the tires side to side because they said the tires are directional, but they are not, although they are high performance Continentals). I let it go for 2000 miles after rotating (getting somewhat more pronounced) before I took it back to the dealer and asked that they check the bearings or anything else that might be a possibility. I even took them for a drive with me so they could hear what I was trying to describe and not think I was crazy.) They didn’t argue about replacing the new wheel hub, but I don’t think they actually diagnosed the problem, they are just replacing parts which they can pass through on warranty. Thanks for asking.
I saw something about an “inner hubb bearing set” on another web site, but I don’t know if that exists on this car.

End of story: it was tire, which had been punctured and patched but must have damaged it to cause the noise.

Thanks for the final answer, it is appreciated!