Squeaking in rear 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Truck is a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2 wheel drive, automatic transmission. When I press down on the gas pedal and accelerate, an audible squeaking noise is made in the rear of the truck. It sounds like it is coming from somewhere near the rear axle or wheels. The sound is a high pitched metallic squeak, as if metal parts are rubbing against each other. The noise only occurs when I am accelerating. While accelerating, if i momentarily take my foot off the gas pedal, the noise stops. Also, once a constant steady speed has been reached the noise stops. Also, the truck makes the same noise when accelerating in reverse. I would appreciate any ideas, comments, or insights as to what the problem could be.

The first thing to check for is a worn/dry U-joint. Raise both rear tires off the ground. And with the transmission in neutral rotate one of the rear tires back and forth while observing the U-joints for slop.


Classic symptoms of a bad u-joint.
I would suggest attending to this a.s.a.p., otherwise you will soon have the driveshaft dropping to the pavement, and you will need a tow.

^^^ and possibly a new (not-dropped-and/or-dragged-on-the pavement) driveshaft.

I am having the same problem with mine so I’m tryin to pull the drive shaft and I took the 4 bolts off the rear end and still can’t get the drive shaft to come off someone help

At the front end of the shaft is a slip-yoke where it connects to the transmission. This slip connection allows the shaft to slip forward enough so the rear U-joint will pop out of the saddle you removed the bolts from…Place a BIG screw-driver or tire iron behind the U-joint and ply the shaft forward enough to remove it. Try not to let the cups fall off the U-joint. Back in the day, those slip-yokes had grease fittings on them, as did the U-joints…

Back to SchaferDodge, another possibility, very rare, the muffler breaks up inside and can make an exhaust whistle…But it will do it with the truck parked if you goose the gas a little…With a quad cab, you may have a center support bearing in the driveline…They can make all kinds of noise when they go out…