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Starting problem, Chevy Colorado

My son has a 2004 Colorado, 5cyl., 5spd, it has a new battery. He has had a problem with starting the truck intermittently. We have narrowed down the problem to it occurring when the weather is humid/raining. When it is dry it never seems to happen. It can be a cold start or even after it has been running. The engine will crank over with no problem, but will not start and run. After he lets it sit for a few minutes it will start right up and run fine. Any ideas?

I’m I have a 2009 Colorado & having the same issue with intermittent start. Mine doesn’t start in any kind of weather. example I will go in town to get groceries and when I get to my truck it won’t start. Sometimes I’ll get a jump, but mostly aggravatin
can sit & wait for 10-15 mins and it starts. This is so aggravating! Have you figured anything out yet?
I just had my truck at the dealership for 3 days. The issue can’t be found. Said it’s a needle in a haystack. WTH!!!
I think Chevy needs to find this problem and issue a recall. So many people are having to go thru thos inconvenience…

U should buy a jump pack if u think u will be needing a jumpstart with regularity. Asking a friend to jump ur car is annoying.

I wonder if Flatsix will respond after six years. Cavell is correct about jump pack because jumping cars these days can cause expensive electrical component damage.

Had a similar problem with a Blazer, mine was more intermittent, but in the end we tracked it down to a bad fuel pump. Hook up a pressure gauge to the fuel rail when it won’t start and check the fuel pressure.