2004 Chevrolet Malibu - Blower Motor Peculularity

You and your brother once described how ignition circuits now cut off power to some componenets (eg: radios) to prevent power surges.Is the blower motor circuit part of that method. This car’s AC system has new or verified working components but the blower motor cuts out and refuses to operate, yesterday after replacing the blower motor itself the fan ran with the key in the “on” position but cut off when I started the engine (as does the radio). Resistor and wiring relays and fuses are verified.

Power is cut off to circuits when starting the engine because all the battery power may be needed to start an engine when it’s -20 degrees.


FYI- Tom has passed away, and Ray isn’t on here (as far as I know, lol,) but there are tons of competent mechanics here that can assist.

Can you please explain what you mean that the resistor and wiring are “verified”? The resistors on Chevy’s can work, but still not be good. I have seen numbers of them melted to the point where is a bump is hit (or even door is shut,) the wire will wiggle enough to break contact and shut the blower off.

Working may not always mean working as it should.