2012 Chevrolet Malibu - Electrical issues

blower motor not working, 4 lights around dash controls not on

What, if anything, has been checked?

Start with fuses and relays.

My wife’s 2012 Malibu blower motor went out in 2017. Had to replace the blower motor, the resistor, and the wiring. Part of the issue is poor design- I’ve had several Chevy resistors and wires/connector go bad, and part of it on the Malibu is location- it’s up under the passenger side dash, where in my wife’s car, it had been hit by feet of tall passengers over the years.

The wires at the resistor get hot, and actually melt the connector, which in turn can melt the resistor ends. If this is your problem, I don’t recommend replacing just part of this system- replace both the resistor and the wire ends together.