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2004 Chevrolet Classic air conditioning

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Classic (Malibu). Every summer, the air conditioning button dies (the button that you push to turn the air conditioning on and off). We’ll have the air conditioning running, and it will start turning itself off and on again, and keep flickering back and forth. The fan keeps blowing, but it’s hot. I’ve taken it in, and the mechanics have replaced the button, I think. It usually works the rest of that summer, but then the next summer starts dying again. Any ideas?

make sure to check your fuses. if one’s blown, theres a short or ground somewhere. just because they’re fixing it by replacing the actual switch doesn’t mean that that’s really the problem. i’ve got a 2000 chevy impala which is basically the same car and theres all sorts of stupid electrical problems with it. if it keeps happening, it is obviously not just the switch, but something causing the switch to die. is it the switch or the wiring or both that they’re replacing? is the wiring burning or wearing through somewhere? i would pull out the manual and chech that circuit to make sure it’s grounded properly and has continuity. also, these cars suck. sorry pat, i’m in the same boat.