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1987 Buick Lesabre

My 87 lesabre has ran great for many years, but lately it has been quitting on me. It happens randomly, usually while driving slower or idling. It just suddenly quits almost as if it’s out of gas. It usually starts right back up, sometimes have to wait 20-30 seconds. It runs fine, not sluggish or anything, up until it quits. Had a couple mechanics look at it, when I told one about it he thought for sure it was going to be the fuel injectors but they all checked out fine. Anyone have any ideas??

Could be one of several sensors that have an intermittent fault:

Crankshaft position sensor (CKP)
Mass airflow sensor (MAF)
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP)

Any one of those going flaky can cause random stalling. The MAF can be cleaned with special MAF cleaning fluid; see if that helps. If not you may have to experiment with replacing sensors.

Could also be a bad ignition module.

Intermittent idle control? Or didn’t the 87 have fuel injection?

Yes it had fuel injection on the 231 cid fwd but a carb on the 231 cid & 307 cid rwd.

Since it’s an 87, it might have the old type of engine computer. The one with solid state parts and a prom chip. It will be a cheaply priced one and it might be good to replace it if you have any of the typical symptoms. Fast idle, frozen LED gauges and lack of power. A warning light will come on now and then. If these things happen in the future with no explanation, consider changing the computer.