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1999 Buick LeSabre - Bad MAF sensor?

Car starts & runs fine, then the next time you want to start it, it won’t start. By pulling the mass air flow sensor wire off the sensor, the engine will start, & run fine, has great power. Then maybe the next time you want to start it it won’t start again. My mechanic has put a fuel pump on already, 2- Oreily mass air flow sencors , ignition control module. We are thinking maybe the mass air flow sencor could be a bad one. What do you think.

I think you and your mechanic are throwing parts at the car to fix a problem you have not identified. This is an expensive and unlikely to solve the problem.

Find a mechanic that owns a scanner and knows how to use it. Make sure the mechanic has old-school analog tools as well and knows how to use them. Try and replicate the problem with the mechanic hooked to the ECU and reading the sensors.

Since you’ve changed just about every part that it could possibly be, I had a similar problem with my 99 Buick LeSabre it turned out to be there crankshaft sensor, however it would shut off just going down the road sometimes it would start right back up and other times it would have to sit a while, finally determined it was the crankshaft sensor and according to the Buick dealer a bad crankshaft sensor will not kick out a code we’re all the other items you mentioned I believe will show a code with a scan tool. But as I said the Buick dealer told me the crankshaft sensor will not show a code when bad. As always this is just my opinion

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*Change mechanics or go to the dealer , this should not be a part swap out fix