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2003 Toyota Celica - low beam works on one side

Hello, I have a 2003 Toyota Celica GTS. I am having a problem with the driver side low beam headlight not working. I replaced the bulb, it did not help. The bulb works fine in the passenger side, and tried the working bulb back in the drivers side. It did not work. Any idea what the cause of this failure may be? Thanks!

Fuses all good?

Is the driver high beam working?

Is the pigtail melted?

Are you getting power and ground to the driver’s low beam bulb?

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Fuses look good. High beam works. Nothing looks melted or bad. I’m guessing there is no power going to that bulb.

Use a 12V test light to check the fuses, that’s a better way than a visual inspection

Use that same test light to confirm power . . . or no power . . . to the bulb

Sounds good. I’ll check it out.