2013 Toyota Camry - Low Beam Wiring Issue

My driver side low beam headlight is out although the high beam works, I have checked the fuses and bulbs. Moving the wire around doesn’t make it flicker either. Where do I go from here?

How did you check the bulb? Why wouldn’t you just replace the drivers side low beam bulb?

Sorry I should have worded that better I did replace the bulbs first, and then I even switched the new bulbs to make sure that it was not a bulb issue.

You need a volt-ohm meter. The bulb requires power and ground to light. Use the Ohm-meter to probe the bulb connector. Test between the battery negative (-), at least one of those terminals (usually a black wire) should show nearly 0 ohms to the battery. If it doesn’t you likely have a broken ground wire. Follow the black wire and see where it goes.

Now turn the headlights on, put one side to the negative battery cable again, set it to DC voltage, measure the terminals in the connector again. One should read 12.4 volts or so. Turn the lights off, measure again - should be zero volts.

Do that, report back and I’ll give you next steps. Or just take it to an auto repair shop.

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Something you can probably do without too much work is to look for a wire that connects the light fixture ground to the body (chassis). It should be visible in the vicinity of the fixture. If you can find it, you might discover it isn’t connected well b/c of corrosion or a broken or loose connector on one end or the other. Not all fixtures use this ground to chassis method, so if you can’t find it quickly, you probably have one of those designs.