2003 Toyota Camry - It's all good

No issue at present; just always had it checked before winter sets in here in Maine. My mechanic retired last month; another dealer bought the business.

thanks for the update. I was wondering how your Toyota was doing…


Will you use the same dealership or find another repair shop?

Might be a good time to switch the repair and maintenance jobs for you 03 Camry from the Toyota dealership to an inde shop. The dealership shop should be able to do it, but dealerships tend to specialize in newer cars, still under warranty. Suggest to proactively ask your friends, coworkers etc which shop they use to repair their Toyotas. Then interview of few of the shop managers, before you need them.

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The dealership might tell you they just won’t work on it anymore. A friend was told that about his Mini

I specialize is out-of-warranty repairs, that is where the money is. I perform warranty repairs because it is part of my job. Two months ago, I replaced a PCM under warranty to satisfy a transmission complaint on a 2006 GS300. Dealer technicians don’t specialize on new cars.

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How about a selfie with the car?