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what are the comon makes of vehicles that you have to take back to the dealer to have work done on it

i know cadillac and bmw are 2 of them can anyone tell me any others?

Benz, BMW, Audi, Subaru, Volvo, Saab, any hybrid…

Any Mazda with a rotary engine is likely to require the dealership, since most independent mechanics don’t mess with those often if at all.

If it’s brand new, and under warranty, EVERY make

It depends on the problem. There are some issues that the dealership is just better equipped to handle, and I agree with bscar. When the car I own is under warranty, I take it to the dealership for service and repairs. That way I don’t have to keep the maintenance paperwork on file for warranty claims.

You can find out by buying a Consumer Reports at the local bookstore.

The worst by a longshot is Land Rover. They’re truely in a class by themselves.