2014 Honda Odyssey - Trans slams

Occasionally the transmission slams into second gear, won’t shift into higher gears at higher speeds. Turn car off, its fine for weeks or months, then same problem… Dealer changed fluid, which he said wasn’t burned, etc., did a software update. Within 2 weeks same problem. Suggestions?

The intermittent nature suggests it is some sort of electronic control solenoid problem. Has the dealer had the vehicle in their shop when this was happening? Other than that the diagnosis is pretty dependent on the dealership’s ability to analyse what the transmission control module is saying.

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I haven’t been able to get it to the dealer when the problem occurs. I’m hoping to do that but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet. Thanks for your suggestion!

My BIL has a 2014 Odyssey with the six-speed auto transmission, and he was having some problems with it not shifting properly (can’t remember the specifics). The dealer wasn’t much help, and he took it to a small, independent Honda specialist, and they had firmware updates that the dealer didn’t know about that fixed the transmission problems! Makes me wonder if some dealers are lazy about keeping up with the latest information.