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2003 TL Transmission Burned Out

My 2003 TL transmission went out on me at 72,000 miles. I have religiously done all my services at the Acura dealer and all I got was 10% so it cost me $3,600 plus the new timing belt for a total of $5,000. I was told all about the extended warranty, and how it no longer applied to me, but I still feel as though I got the short end of the stick. Although I had the work done because, even for $5,000, I could not get another decent car for that amount. The issue is that all the previous Hondas and Acura’s that my wife and I have driven have gone past 200k miles. Does anyone know if I might have any additional recourse?

Honda did give an extended transmission warranty to owners of…IIRC, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Accords, due to significant transmission problems. Your car is, after all is said and done…a Honda…so it is possible that the Acura division of Honda also extended the transmission warranty on the '03 TL model.

While I doubt that you will get any satisfaction from them, it would only cost you a few minutes of your time to give the corporate-level folks a call. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Yep, thanks. I was planning on doing that in the hopes of getting some kind of goodwill sympathy, but wanted to explore the collective wisdom of others. This may be an appropriate time given Toyota’s current situation.

The biggest problem is that you’ve already paid for the repair. Out of official or extended warranty “goodwill” is usually a cooperative. The man loses some …the dealer loses some and the consumer loses some.

You’ve already lost it. There’s no incentive to deliver goodwill.

No sense in arguing but it’s never over 'till the fat lady sings Additionally, although there is no incentive now there never was anyway because:
(1) I either would not have brouhgt my car in in hopes of negoiating ahead of time, and I’d been without a car
(2) It would have been repaired and they wouldn’t give it back to me until I paid

My only hope is that I write a letter that will appeal to Acura’s sense of fair play and hold them to their advertisement that they build a superior vehicle. In any case, I’m not going to stand down it’s convenient.

Life is all about tripping, getting up, dusting off and continuing. I say this for any others that may be reading this thread: if you don’t practice sticking up for yourself you’ll never get good at it and you’ll always end up on the short end. Some day we’ll all learn that no one deserves to be pushed around or disregarded.

I paid good money for a product that did not perform per our mutual agreements, even if not specifically spelled out on paper.

Good luck to you all!