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2003 Suzuki will start but not stay on

2003 Suzuki will start but not stay on. Our son replaced the Fuel Pump thinking he burned it out since he almost ran it out of gas. No go and two different mechanics can’t figure out why the OBD II Car Computer doesn’t register at all when they try to diagnose the problem. Sitting in our driveway and really don’t want to start throwing parts at it. I’m thinking it may be the Crankshaft Sensor since it is a Manual, or maybe the Crankshaft, Manifold leaks, etc.?? But they did figure out that there is no spark or fuel entering the engine. New battery and plugs.

The problem could very well be with the crank sensor.

If the computer doesn’t receive a signal from this sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel and ignition systems because the computer hasn’t detected that the engine is rotating.


When my neighbors Ford would start fine but die when the key was released from the start position I replaced the ignition switch and problem solved. When you turn the key one click does the CEL (check engine light) come on for 2 seconds? Do the idiot lights on the dash come on?

IIRC on many Fords (might be the same for Suzuki) the OBD test port & cigar lighter are powered from the same fuse. Does the cigar lighter work?
If not it might “splain” why your mechanics cant pull the trouble codes