Is there any hope?

I have recently replaced the fuel pump on my 1998 Dodge Stratus. The new pump doesn’t get nay fire to it. Come to find out, the old fuel pump was still good, it just wasn’t getting fire to it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the problem with my car? Any help will be appreciated.

fuse, wiring, relay. You’ll have to trace back and see where you first see power. Whatever’s immediately after that is broken.

Diagnosis first, then repair. If you insist on just throwing parts at it, throw the cheap ones first.

Pick up a Haynes repair manual at the parts store along with a multimeter. Trace the circuit back in the schematic. In addition to the suggestions already offered, it’s also possible that the system has an inertial switch to shut the fuel pump off in the event of an accident or rollover. If so, it’ll show up in the schematic.

Check the Auto shut Down relay. You may be able to swap relay with one of same type in the fuse box. Also if the crank, cam sensor or timing belt broke the car will not energize the Auto shut Down relay leaving no fuel pump or spark. Which leads to the question. Does the car have spark when cranked over. Is the check engine light on, any codes present.

I’d check the fuel pump relay and the inertia switch to be sure it hasn’t been tripped.

Thanks shadowfax,oldtimer 11,the same mountainbike,americar, and FordMan59. I’ll check on these things and let yall know what happened.

Do. We like hearing results, and don’t get them often enough. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

okay everyone. I finally got my car in the shop. the guy calls me and tells me that he jumped my car off and its running fine. He says it was just out of gas!!! Im really excited, so I go ahead and tell him that he can repair the leak around the oil gaskets (600.00 was the total). I get my car back and that very night it wont crank. ( I had put 30.00 worth of gas in it on the way home). The next day when it finally cranks, I take it back to him. Everytime he cranks it in his shop it cranks. (im pissed) I tell him to keep it for a couple of days and let me know if it cranks. I call him two days later and his exact words are-“your damn car is crazy!!!” Well guys , he finally is gonna try and change the crank/cam sensor( this is what I told him at first-when I first took the car to him-, but he said when he put the car on the machine, it doesnt show it needs either!!)----Anyway!!! thanks you guys-smile-

Could this car have a bad oil presser switch? I seam to remember oil presser switches that would shut off the fuel pump when the oil presser dropped. When they go bad they don’t power the fuel pump at start up, but if you cranked it and it got oil presser it would start sometimes. Am I off base on this?

well, the mechanic said that none of the relays or switches were showing up as bad on his computer. (he has one in his shop that he connects under the dash somewhere-small handheld one). he told me that he was gonna change out the computer for around 300.00. (used-30 day warranty),. Does this sound legit?

I doubt very much the computer is at fault. They are usually the most reliable parts on the car. When you say it “won’t crank”, do you mean that it doesn’t make any sound when you turn the key, or that you hear the starter turning the engine over (rr-rr-rr-rr sound), but it won’t ‘catch’?

A car will crank but not start with a bad crankshaft position sensor. It will start and run usually with a bad camshaft position sensor, though performance and economy will suffer. I don’t think the oil pressure switch is bad–I don’t think Chrysler vehicles used this system like some 80s or 90s GM cars did.

If your mechanic just wants to throw parts at it, at your expense, you need a new mechanic.

Thanks oblivion. I ended up getting the new computer. Car is running great now. The mechanic changed the crankshaft sensor and it still wouldnt crank. He then changed the camshaft. Still wouldnt crank. Finally it cranks with computer!!